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Weather Station Baro Temp HZ

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Weather impacts almost every living being on the planet, whether people, plants or animals. The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BaroTemp HZ weather station gives you a comprehensive overview of the outdoor weather conditions, as well as the indoor temperature and humidity. Featuring a monochrome display, a built-in barometer and a reliable weather forecast function, it displays a wide range of weather data. It also comes with numerous other practical functions, such as a built-in alarm and radio-controlled clock.

Includes outdoor sensor for taking precise measurements

The weather station also comes with a wireless sensor for measuring the outdoor temperature and humidity. Simply place the sensor up to 80 metres from the base station and pair the devices to start monitoring the local conditions. The outdoor sensor also features a built-in display, allowing you to view the readings directly without returning to the base station.

Weather forecast function with built-in barometer

The weather station comes with a practical weather forecast function, which shows you what the weather has in store via onscreen symbols. You can also view the recent air pressure readings from the built-in barometer.

Monitor your indoor climate

From your office to your own home, maintaining the right humidity and temperature is essential to your well-being. The weather station features a built-in thermometer and hygrometer, allowing you to monitor the indoor temperature and humidity. In addition to these measurements, it also displays a smiley to indicate whether the air is too dry, too moist or optimal.

Radio-controlled clock, alarm and more

The weather station also comes with a radio-controlled clock and practical alarm: when the clocks change, the DCF time signal automatically adjusts the time, while the alarm clock features two separate alarm times as well as a snooze function.
The built-in display also shows you a range of other useful data, including the sunrise and sunset times, moon phase and current tide.

Monitor your local weather, indoor climate and more with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BaroTemp HZ weather station.


•Weather station with integrated thermometer and hygrometer
•Measures the indoor temperature and humidity
•Displays the outdoor temperature and humidity
•Measures the air pressure and displays recent readings
•Weather forecast with symbols
•Indoor comfort indicator
•Automatically sets the time via DCF radio signal
•Date and day of the week (choose from seven languages)
•2 alarm times and snooze function
•Moon phase, sunrise and sunset, tide
•Supports up to 2 additional thermo-hygro sensors (not included)
•Battery status indicator for base station and outdoor sensor
•Battery operated: 3x AAA batteries (not included)


•Wireless thermo-hygro sensor
•Measures the temperature and humidity
•Built-in display for viewing measurements
•Range: up to 80 metres
•Battery operated: 2x AAA batteries (not included)
•Can be placed on a table or wall-mounted


•1x Base station
•1x Outdoor sensor
•Instruction manual

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