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Weather Station 8 day 4cast XL 7 in 1




Wi-Fi weather station with feature-packed base station

In addition to displaying the measurements from your outdoor sensor, the base station of the 8-day 4CAST XL Wi-Fi Weather Station also has many other functions. For example, it comes with a built-in thermo/hygro sensor which measures the ambient indoor temperature, humidity and air pressure. There is also a maximum/minimum memory – perfect for monitoring your indoor climate and preventing mildew and excessively dry air. The max/min values for outdoor, temperature, rainfall and other outdoor measurements can also be viewed on the display. In addition to weather data, the large screen has plenty of space for displaying the time, date, day of the week and moon phase. The sunrise/moonrise and sunset/moonset times are also displayed at the top of the screen.

Share your weather data and connect to your smart home

The readings from the wireless solar-powered sensor can be published on the Internet with a few simple clicks so that you can access your data remotely using the ProWeatherLive weather platform (with a web browser or the app). You can also send the measurements from your weather station to a smart home system free of charge using the German-language portal AWEKAS. Simply follow the link below to configure the settings: https://www.awekas.at/for2/index.php?thread/17080-software-api-stations-api-beschreibung-beta/

Solar-powered weather data: Monitor the local weather conditions with the BRESSER 8-day 4CAST XL 7-in-1 Wi-Fi weather Station with a solar-powered sensor.


•8-day weather forecast (today and 7 following days)
•Extra large 48.3 cm (19”) colour display with slim bezel
•Wide-angle display for easy reading of measurements when wall-mounted
•Wi-Fi connection for sharing local weather data on platforms such as ProWeatherLive, AWEKAS, Weather Underground or WeatherCloud
•Forecast for maximum and minimum temperature and chance of rainfall via the ProWeatherLive server
•Local visibility and cloud cover via ProWeatherLive server
•Indoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity
•Displays precise measurement data from the 7-in-1 solar outdoor sensor (Outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, UV level, light intensity)
•Weather index (perceived outdoor temperature, dewpoint, windchill factor and heat index)
•Gusts and average wind speed
•Beaufort index (scale for measuring wind speed)
•Sunburn time (in mins)
•Air pressure
•Weather data calibration
•Weather alarm function via ProWeatherLive server
•Maximum/minimum value memory (daily/total)
•Backlight with automatic dimming function
•Displays the time, date, day of the week and moon phase
•Sun/moonrise, sun/moonset
•7 languages for days of the week (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, RU)
•Supports firmware updates
•Supports up to 7 additional sensors (not included, see accessories)
•Mounting options: Can be placed on tabletop with built-in stand or wall-mounted
•Power supply: Mains plug (included), CR2032 back-up battery (not included)
•Dimensions: 418 x 309 x 33 mm / Weight: 2031g


•Powered entirely via a large movable solar panel
•Built-in rechargeable battery for storing solar power
•Measures the temperature and humidity
•Measures the wind speed, wind direction and rainfall
•Measures the UV level and light intensity
•Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
•Daily battery consumption: 4.458 mAh
•Battery life after full charge and 88% efficiency: 394 days (2000 mAh x 0.88/4.458 mAh)
•Power of solar module (at 40,000 lux): 90 mAh (at 6 V)
•Range: up to 150 m
•Dimensions: 217 x 365 x 200 mm / Weight: 534g

Cold weather, hardly any sun – will the solar power continue to function?
Example: If, due to the weather conditions, the solar panel only charges for 4 hours each day and the charging current drops to 5 mA, the battery will charge 20 mAh each day. 5 mA x 4 hrs = 20 mAh
Even though the battery has to power the sensor for the remaining 20 hours, it will still store additional power, as the sensor only consumes a total of 4.458 mAh each day out of the 20 mAh charged. If the battery only charges for 4 hours at 5 mA, this will provide enough power for more than 4 days of use: 20/4.458 = 4.48 days

NOTE: It is not possible to ship the battery fully charged. The battery should have approximately 30-40% of its capacity when installed (i.e. between 600 and 800 mAh). This charge will provide enough power for 118 (600×0.88/4.458) to 158 days (800×0.88/4.458). As a result, a battery replacement will not be necessary for this sensor.


•Base station
•Solar-powered outdoor sensor
•Power adapter
•Instruction manual

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