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Weather Station Translucidus

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Literal full transparency in weather and indoor climate – that’s what the modernly designed BRESSER Weather Station Translucidus NV with outdoor sensor provides you with. The chic, transparent display shows you various meteorological information such as temperature, humidity, and more. The versatile measuring device presents itself as anything but timeless through the DCF radio clock and the date indication.

Weather foresight with style – the graphical weather forecast

Light T-shirt or thick knit sweater – the reliable weather forecast quickly tells you which garment to choose through one of the total 5 understandable symbols. Additionally, thanks to the integrated barometer, you always keep an eye on the current air pressure.

Measure temperature and humidity easily yourself

Precise measurements with a high range: Thus, the outdoor sensor sends its data for temperature and humidity from up to 80 m away to the display of the weather station. Convenient: With the own screen on the radio measuring device, you can also read the current values directly at the sensor location if needed.

Keep an eye on frost and co. with the outdoor temperature alarm functions

Frosty days present us with special challenges – so that you can prepare, a snowflake blinks on the weather station when the ice warning is activated, as soon as the temperature falls to -1 to 3 °C. Of course, you can also set your very own limit values with the outdoor temperature alarm, about whose exceeding and falling below you will then be informed by an acoustic signal.

Comfortable indoor climate thanks to the weather station

Naturally, we also need the right climatic conditions indoors to feel completely good. To always have them in view, the Weather Station Translucidus NV presents you with the room temperature and humidity, including the trend, as well as a smiley as a comfort indicator. Simply look at the facial expression and you immediately know whether everything is ok in the room in terms of climate.

Weather station with contemporary additional features

Everything automatic: Thanks to the integrated radio clock, time, date, and weekday appear on the screen just a few minutes after startup. Moreover, the weather station is perfectly suitable as an awakener: For this purpose, it has been equipped with an integrated alarm clock including a snooze button.

Bring your meteorological eye-catcher home with the BRESSER Weather Station Translucidus NV!


•Weather station with integrated DCF radio clock
•Indoor temperature (°C/°F)
•Outdoor temperature (°C/°F)
•Indoor/outdoor humidity (%)
•Weather forecast
•Air pressure
•High/low value alarm for outdoor temperature
•Indoor climate comfort indicator
•Ice warning
•For up to 3 thermo-hygro sensors (1x included)
•Time, date, weekday
•Alarm clock with snooze button (Snooze)


•Measurement of temperature and humidity
•Clear LCD display
•Range: up to 80 m
•Dimensions: 71 x 65 x 23 mm; Weight: 44 g
•Battery operated: 2x 1.5-V batteries AAA (not included)


•Weather station
•Outdoor sensor
•Operating instructions

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