Bresser Arcturus 60/700 AZ – Refractor Telescope with Hard-top Case

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Telescope Arcturus 60/700 AZ

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Open the case and you’re ready to go: The BRESSER Arcturus 60/700 AZ lens telescope shows you the fascinating world of star clusters and planets. This complete set contains everything you need for your first steps into sky observation: an astronomical lens telescope with 60 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length, an azimuthal mount, a tripod and lots of accessories. The system is very easy to handle and therefore ideal for introducing children to astronomy as a hobby. And since there are so many beautiful things to discover on Earth as well, the telescope is suitable for observing nature and landscapes.

Simply an astro-classic – the telescope
With this classic lens telescope – a so-called Fraunhofer achromatic refractor – even beginners and children can easily gain new insights into the night sky. Thanks to the modern, precisely coated optics, the starter telescope offers good imaging properties. A sharp image with good contrast – this is ensured by the large focal ratio of about 1 to 11.7 (F/11.7), which results from the ratio of the 60 mm aperture to the 700 mm focal length. Perfect for exploring our Moon, the planets, but also open star clusters and globular clusters.
And what about the magnification? The 60 mm aperture provides a resolving power that easily allows magnifications up to about 120x with really sharp images. Technically, even more is possible with this beginner’s telescope – up to 175x with the included accessories. However, as the magnification increases, the image can become more and more blurred. How much magnification is actually possible depends not only on the telescope, but also on the air turbulence in the atmosphere (seeing conditions).

The foundation for moving impressions – mount and tripod
For your nighttime observations, attach your telescope to the height-adjustable aluminium tripod with azimuthal mount. Thanks to its extremely easy operation, you can enjoy effortless astronomical explorations with this azimuthal mount. Just like with a normal photo tripod, you simply turn the starter telescope by hand up and down, to the left and right. To ensure that your eyepieces, compass, star map etc. are always within reach, simply place your accessories on the practical storage plate located between the tripod legs.

Everything for a good start in astronomy – the accessories
In the sturdy hard-top case, in which you can store the beginner’s telescope perfectly and take it safely with you on your travels, you will also find lots of accessories.
The 5×24 finder is a small miniature telescope that you simply mount parallel to the actual telescope. With its weak 5x magnification and integrated crosshair, it helps you keep track of the starry sky. So it allows you to easily find celestial objects and precisely align the telescope – before you then enjoy the view with the higher magnification.

And how high the magnification is depends on which of the three included eyepieces (4 mm; 12.5 mm; 20 mm) you are currently using. To change the magnification, simply insert another one into the telescope’s focuser. If at some point you want to change your field of view with additional eyepieces: no problem! The 1.25 inch (31.7 mm) socket diameter complies with an international and cross-manufacturer standard, so you can combine a wide range of optional eyepieces with your telescope.
For a comfortable view at any time, you will also find a 90-degree diagonal mirror in the scope of delivery. Otherwise, you would have to lie down under the starter telescope in order to achieve good observation results when the optics are pointed upwards into the sky. Instead, you simply look in comfortably from the side.

In addition to the night sky, the Earth also offers many captivating sights. That’s why the 1.5x erecting lens turns the image the right side around, so that you can devote your entry-level telescope to observing nature and landscapes during day.
However, because orientation in the night sky is not as easy as on our daytime planet, a compass and star map are included in the set. This way you always know where to look and what you will see there.

Enjoy a quick start to the exciting hobby of astronomy with the BRESSER Arcturus 60/700 AZ lens telescope including all accessories.

•Beginner’s telescope for astronomy
•60 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length
•Achromatic refractor type Fraunhofer
•Ideal for observing Moon, planets and star clusters
•Height-adjustable tripod with azimuthal mount
•Easy to use, therefore suitable for children
•Focal ratio F=11.7, thus sharp image and high contrast
•Three eyepieces with 31.7 mm (1.25 inch) sockets for different magnifications
•With hard-top case for storage and transport

•Starter lens Telescope
•Aluminium tripod
•Azimuthal mount
•Eyepieces: 4 mm, 12.5 mm, 20 mm (1.25 inch sockets)
•Star diagonal mirror
•Erecting lens 1.5x
•Finder telescope: 5×24
•Accessory tray
•Hard-top case
•Star map
•Instruction manual

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