Bresser Venus 76/700 AZ Reflector Telescope with Smartphone Adapter & Solar Filter

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Telescope Venus 76/700 AZ

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The BRESSER Venus 76/700 AZ reflecting telescope allows beginners to experience their very own stargazing hours quickly and easily. With the complete set, you are equipped with everything you need for your very own sky observations: an astronomical reflecting telescope with 76 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length, an azimuthal mount, a tripod as well as extensive accessories. And to guarantee a successful start in astronomy, the system is very easy to handle – the perfect first telescope for beginners!

Established technology for your easy start – the telescope

With this entry-level telescope, you will be able to admire the night sky through a classic Newtonian reflector. A little surprising for astronomy novices: with this particular type, you do not look in at the back of the telescope, but at the front and laterally. The advantage: even if the telescope aperture is directed vertically towards the sky, you can make your discoveries very comfortably. No need to bend down! In addition, the Newtonian reflector is very easy to use. The optics in this type of reflector telescopes are also impressive, because they are free of chromatic aberrations – resulting in good imaging properties at all times.

A sharp image with good contrast – the Venus reflector telescope achieves this with its large focal ratio of about 1 to 9.2 (F/9.2 – calculated from 76 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length). Thanks to its long focal length, the telescope for beginners shows you the Moon, Sun, planets, open star clusters as well as globular clusters in a particularly impressive way. And all this at a magnification of up to 150x in really sharp images! Technically, you can magnify even higher – theoretically up to 525x while using the included accessories. However, as the magnification increases, the sharpness of the image may slowly decrease. Of course, how much you can magnify depends not only on the resolving power of your telescope. The air turbulence in the atmosphere (seeing conditions) also plays an important role.

Note for nature lovers:
If you choose a Newtonian telescope like the Venus reflector telescope, you can look forward to a specialist in astronomical observation. However, the image is always displayed laterally reversed as well as upside down, which makes no difference when observing the sky. However, this type of telescope is less suitable for nature and landscape observation during the day. Would you like to use your new telescope for exciting nature discoveries as well? Then we recommend that you choose one of the BRESSER refractor telescopes.

A good foundation for a successful start – mount and tripod

The height-adjustable aluminium tripod and the azimuthal mount provide a firm footing and easy celestial navigation. Especially the azimuthal mount makes life easy for beginners, because it is very user-friendly: just like a typical photo tripod, you turn the telescope by hand to the left and right, up and down. This way, your favourite celestial objects quickly appear in your field of vision. Handy: to ensure that your astronomy accessories are always within reach, there is a storage plate between the tripod legs.

Everything that goes with it – the accessories

Out of the box straight to the fun of observing – with the complete astronomy set, you are quickly on your way to discovering the universe. The LED viewfinder helps you keep an eye on the sky. You just mount the direction finder parallel to the actual telescope and it projects a red dot onto a small ground-glass screen. This then appears to be hovering in front of the sky when you look through the viewfinder. And it does so at exactly the same spot that your telescope is pointed at. This way, the LED finder helps you to align the reflector telescope precisely and to find the celestial objects more easily.

When it comes to the level of detail in your observations, the Venus beginner’s reflector telescope gives you a choice: the two included eyepieces (4 mm and 20 mm) allow you two different magnifications. You want to get an even closer look? Then simply triple the magnification of the eyepieces with the 3x Barlow lens. In addition, the socket diameter of 31.7 mm (1.25 inch) complies with an international and manufacturer-independent standard. So you can easily expand your set – and with it your astronomical horizon.

If you want to observe fascinating sights not only at night but also during the day, simply grab the solar filter. With it, you can safely admire spots and granulation on our nearest star – the Sun.

CAUTION: Never point the telescope at the Sun without the solar filter!

A new hobby leads to new impressions – and naturally you want to capture and share those. Therefore, you can easily use your mobile phone for your first steps into astrophotograpy with the smartphone adapter. Perfect for great snapshots of the Moon or the Sun, for example.
Look forward to exciting astronomical discoveries by day and night – with the BRESSER Venus 76/700 AZ reflector telescope.

•Reflector telescope for beginners with 76 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length
•Reflector type Newton
•Good for observing Sun, Moon, planets and star clusters
•Height-adjustable tripod with azimuthal mount
•Easy to use even by beginners
•Focal ratio F/9.2, thus sharp image and good contrast
•Two eyepieces and a Barlow lens with 31.7 mm (1.25 inch) sockets for different magnifications
•Safe solar observation with the included solar filter
•First steps into astrophotography with included smartphone camera adapter


•Refractor telescope
•Aluminium tripod
•Azimuthal mount
•Eyepieces: 4 mm and 20 mm (1.25 inch sockets)
•Barlow lens 3x (1.25 inch socket)
•LED illuminated dot finder
•Solar filter
•Smartphone camera adapter
•Accessory tray
•Astronomy software download
•Instruction manual

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