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Telescope Space Explorer 90/900 Refractor EQ3




Discover the fascinating night sky – people have been drawn to the night sky since time immemorial. The BRESSER 90/900 Space Explorer telescope will show you the wonders of space. Thanks to the 90 mm aperture, the telescope collects 165 times more light than the human eye. The long 900 mm focal length brings the highlights of the night sky into view. Discover the Earth’s natural satellite, the moon, take an optical trip to the planets, or journey past the solar system and discover the first bright deep-sky objects. The refractor telescope is mounted on a sturdy aluminium tripod to ensure maximum stability during your observations. There is also an accessory shelf for storing eyepieces, a Barlow lens and other accessories. You can also compensate for the Earth’s movements to ensure that your celestial discoveries stay within the field of view: the equatorial EQ3 mount allows you to guide the telescope manually and follow your objects on their journey through the night sky.

Space Explorer telescope – everything you need for a good view into space

Designed for beginners and advanced observers, this telescope has everything that you need to explore space on clear nights. The red dot finder provides an easy way to orientate yourself in the night sky. Once you have set up the finder on the telescope, the small red dot will show you the direction in which your telescope is pointing. Once you have decided on an object, you can view it more detail with the three eyepieces. Marvel at Saturn’s majestic rings and the gas giant Jupiter in different magnifications with the 4 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm eyepieces. On dark, moonless nights, the brightest gas nebula, galaxies and star clusters are also visible. If you’re fascinated by the moon, simply screw the moon filter into the back of one of the eyepieces. This reduces glare and increases the contrast so that you can enjoy the Moon’s stunning landscapes without being dazzled. You can also use the refractor telescope for terrestrial observations. Discover the wonders of nature and view distant animals up close!

Embark on a journey of discovery with the BRESSER 90/900 Space Explorer telescope!


•Optical design: Achromatic refractor
•Objective lens diameter: 90 mm
•Focal length: 900 mm
•Collects 165 times more light than the human eye
•Simple tracking by hand
•Mount: EQ3, equatorial
•Tripod: Aluminium with accessory shelf


•EQ3 mount
•Height-adjustable aluminium tripod
•3 eyepieces: 4 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm
•Barlow lens, 3x
•90° star diagonal
•Moon filter
•LED finder scope
•Battery (CR2032)

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