Bresser Range Pro 1300 Laser Rangefinder

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RangeFinder Range Pro 1300 Laser

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Whether for golf, archery or hunting, the BRESSER Range Pro 1300 Laser Rangefinder is the perfect tool for measuring distances. The rangefinder is very easy to use: simply look through the eyepiece, point the crosshairs at the target object, and then press the button. The distance (within a measuring range of 5 to 1100 metres will then appear on the display. Thanks to the 905 nm laser beam, the rangefinder can determine the distance in fractions of a second.

Versatile laser rangefinder for multiple applications

Depending on the application, the laser measuring device provides a wide range of useful functions. For example, when you’re playing golf, you can use the flag mode, which ensures that the rangefinder only measures the distance to the flag without accidentally focusing on background targets. Also helpful for successful putting: the golf distance correction function, for which the rangefinder adjusts the distance based on the angle of inclination. The horizontal distance measurement function also allows you to display the angle to the target, in addition to the distance. Other functions of the Range Pro 1300 include a height measurement mode and a speedometer up to 300km/h. There is also a fog mode for use in poor weather. This ensures precise measurements even on rainy and foggy days – in all application modes.

Laser rangefinder Range Pro 1300 – compact and premium design

Lightweight and space-saving, the compact rangefinder is ideal for hiking, golfing, hunting and other outdoor activities. The small laser measuring device also comes with great optics that allow you to view distant objects at 6x magnification. The focus can be easily adjusted on the eyepiece from a distance of 5 m. With a field of view of 126 m at 1000 m, you will always have a clear overview of your surroundings. Thanks to the rubber armouring on the splash-proof housing, the laser rangefinder provides a comfortable grip. It also protects against impacts. And when you don’t need it, you can safely store the rangefinder in the practical belt pouch.

Measure distance, altitude and speed reliably and easily at the push of a button with the BRESSER Range Pro 1300 Laser Rangefinder.

•Laser rangefinder for golf, hunting, archery and more
•With angle measurement, speed and height measurement function
•Measuring range: 5 to 1100 m
•Distance measurement accuracy: ±1 m < 366 m, ±2 m < 732 m, 0.5% > 732 m
•Different modes: Distance measurement including scan mode, flag mode, golf distance correction, horizontal distance measurement, vertical height measurement, speed measurement
•With fog mode for precise measurements in bad weather
•Magnification: 6x
•Lens diameter: 21 mm
•Field of view at 1000 m: 126 m
•Minimum focusing distance: 5 m
•Rubberized housing for optimal grip and impact protection
•Splashproof (IPX4)
•Battery operated: 1x CR-2 lithium battery, 3V (included)
•Displays measurements in metres or yards

•Laser distance measuring device
•Nylon belt pouch
•Hand strap
•Lens cleaning cloth
•Instruction manual

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