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Night Vision Binocular Explorer 200RF Digital

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NOTE: The built-in infrared light is not suitable for military applications.

Many animals are nocturnal, and don’t venture out until well after dark. The BRESSER Explorer 200RF digital binocular night vision device allows you to view deer, wild boar and other animals in complete darkness. It features an 850 nm infrared light, which functions as an invisible light source, as well as a built-in rangefinder so that you can determine the exact distance to your target.

The night vision device features 6x optimal magnification and a 3x digital zoom, allowing you to view objects at up to 18x magnification.

The Explorer 200RF night vision device is also suitable for daytime use. Thanks to the comfortable binocular eyepiece, you can observe from a distance of up to 200 metres at night and up to 500 metres during the day. The rangefinder functions at distances of up to 200 metres.

Recording function
The BRESSER night vision device features a recording function, which allows you to capture images and Full HD videos of your observations and view them on the built-in 7.6 cm (3”) TFT display. It also comes with an automatic IR cut filter, which produces true-colour images during daylight.

Battery life
The Explorer 200 RF is ideal for long observation sessions – the two li-ion batteries last for up to 10 hours during the day and up to 6 hours in night vision mode.

•Designed for civilian use only
•Digital night vision device with rangefinder
•Ideal for hunting, camping, nature observations, etc.
•Optical magnification: 6x
•Digital zoom: up to 3x
•Max. magnification: 18x
•Visual range: 200 m at night, 500 m during the day
•Rangefinder range: up to 200 m, up to 64 m for animals with light-coloured skin
•Automatic IR cut filter for true-colour images during the day
•Aperture: f/5.5 during the day, f/1.3 at night
•Field of view at a distance of 1000 m: 175 m (10°)
•Recording function for photos and videos
•Storage medium: microSD card up to 512 GB (not included)
•Battery life: up to 10 hours in daylight mode, up to 6 hours in night vision mode
•7.6 cm (3”) TFT display
•Display resolution: 360*640
•Illumination: 850 nm infrared LED
•Power supply: 2x replaceable 18650 li-ion batteries (recommended capacity of 3000 mAh or higher) (included)

•Night vision device
•USB cable
•Carry strap
•Premium transport case
•2x li-ion rechargeable batteries
•Cleaning cloth
•Instruction manual

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